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Professional Education

Specialized training is necessary for nurses who are engaging in the practice of telephone triage. Telephone Triage Consulting offers both live and virtual professional education/training activities for nurses and other members of your practice. These seminars encompass clinical practice, risk management, and program design and implementation. 


For more detailed information on training options, please see below.

Telephone Triage Consulting, Inc., provides customized education and training on a wide variety of topics such as:

  • Telephone Triage as Professional Nursing Practice

  • What WE Wish THEY Knew: Misconceptions About Telephone Nursing Practice

  • Scope of Practice and Standards Directing Our Practice

  • The Basic Skill Set for Telephone Triage Nursing Practice

  • Critical Thinking: Decision Making in Uncertain Conditions

  • Diagnostic Reasoning

  • Recognizing Life Threatening Emergencies Over the Phone

  • Patient Assessment: Seeing The Patient With Your Ears

  • Documentation of Phone Calls: What & How

  • Risk Management & Review of Relevant Litigation: How to Avoid Mistakes That Result in Bad Outcomes

  • Program Design and Implementation: Critical Program Elements to Ensure Safe Care

  • How to Measure Quality in Your Call Center: It’s Not Just About Numbers Anymore

  • Ethics in Telehealth Nursing Practice

Click below image links to view sample training content by Carol Rutenberg for ClearTriage:


Telephone Triage Consulting, Inc. will work with you and your planning team to develop a professional presentation that meets your needs, schedule, and budget.

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