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- Great experience! Every triage nurse should attend.
- Would like to have attended both days. I learned more than I expected to. I would attend another seminar with you.
- Carol presents with passion for the practice of nursing.
- This has been the best seminar I have attended.
- Excellent!! Thank you for helping me feel better about my job.
- You are fantastic, full of knowledge. Wish I could take you to our clinic!
- This was the most informative conference I have ever attended. Thank you!!! I know I can take this back to my work and implement change.
- This was a top level conference … one of the most important and most enjoyable conferences I've been to. I like that it was real!
- Engaging, committed to excellence, passionate about topic, kept my attention, practical content, came through loud and clear as an advocate for patients.
- Carol is awesome! It's easy to see that she loves what she does and it shows. Wonderful teacher.
- Fantastic, truly will help me do my job with greater understanding and skill.
- Great seminar, very knowledgeable instructor, great suggestions to try in clinic, very informational. 
- Great program. Will send more RN's in the future!
- Kathy is a great speaker. I enjoyed hearing your personal stories in addition. Thank you. I will be recommending this seminar to co-workers. 
- Kathy is very personable and delivers a great presentation that covers a great range of symptoms, documentation and outcomes.
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