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Based on current practice, nursing theory, research and experience, Carol & Liz present a balanced, common-sense, reality-based approach to the practice of telephone triage nursing. This book is a must-read for everyone working in the fields of ambulatory care and telehealth nursing, from manager to educator or front-line nurse.  Physicians, administrators and others involved in the provision of care over the telephone will also find this an invaluable resource in understanding the practice of telephone triage nursing.  This book has been endorsed by the American Academy of Ambulatory Care Nursing (AAACN).


Discounts offered for members of AAACN.  If eligible for a discount, contact our office to place your order (501-767-4564). 



“Carol Rutenberg is an industry leader in the field of telephone triage. She is nationally known lecturer and consultant. Liz Greenberg’s doctoral work centered on the development of “The Model of Care Delivery in Telephone Nursing Practice” and provides a benchmark for excellence in telephone nursing care. Their book represents the combined knowledge of two telehealth experts and documents the history of telephone triage and its subsequent evolution. Real case scenarios are included throughout the book and the chapter of FAQs is brimming with information. Every nurse who talks with patients over the phone will find value in the superb body of knowledge that is long overdue.”

          Traci Haynes, MSN, BA, RN, CEN,

          Director Clinical Services, LVM Systems, Mesa, AZ


 “Together nurses Carol Rutenberg and Liz Greenberg have written the quintessential book on the practice of telephone triage. Based on current practice, nursing theory, research, and experience, Carol and Liz present a balanced, common sense, reality-based approach to the practice of telephone nursing. The Art and Science of Telephone Triage is a must read for everyone working within the fields of ambulatory nursing care and teletriage, from manger to educator to front-line nurse. A great resource that will help nurses from any practice setting provide professional nursing care over the phone.”

          Patricia Chambers, BHScN, RN, DC

          Calgary, Canada


“This is a book that everyone involved in health care all over the world should read. It explains what telephone triage nursing is about and since everyone who works directly or indirectly in health care deals with it in one way or another, the book should be compulsory reading. It will also be invaluable for telephone triage nursing education and training since it is based on research and experience.”

          Anna Carin Wahlberg, PhD, RN

          Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden


“The Art and Science of Telephone Triage is an essential book for anyone involved with the important work of telephone triage and telephone care. It is important for those new to the field as a “how to” instruction book in delivering quality care. It is equally important for those established in delivering triage services to ensure that their program is fully serving their patients and families. Finally, it is an extremely enlightening book for physicians and other clinicians who want a fuller understanding of triage and may serve in an advisory or medical director role”

          Pete Dehnel, Medical Director

          Children’s Physician Network’s Nurse Triage Service








    1. Telephone Triage as a Vehicle for Nursing Care in the 21st Century

    2. The Origin & Evolution of Telephone Triage

    3. Misconceptions About Telephone Triage

    4. Telephone Triage as Professional Nursing Practice

    5. Nursing Regulation & Scope of Practice

    6. Models Directing the Practice of Telephone Triage 

    7. Decision Making in Telephone Triage

    8. Clinical Practice Part I:
    The Patient Interview

    9. Clinical Practice Part II: 
                   Dealing With Challenging Situations 


    10. Clinical Practice Part III:
                   Patient Assessment


    11. Clinical Practice Part IV:
                   Use of Decision Support Tools and Documentation


    12. Risk Management and Common Pitfalls in Telephone Triage

    13. Quality in Telephone Triage 

    14. Program Design and Implementation Part I:
                   Organizational Culture and Staffing 


    15. Program Design and Implementation Part II:
                   Access, Call Flow, and Policy Development 


    16. Best Practices 

    17. Frequently Asked Questions 

    Epilogue: The Future Is Now 

    Appendix A:
              Boards of Nursing Survey Regarding Nursing Regulation and Scope of Practice in Telephone Triage 


    Appendix B:
              Telephone Triage Policy Manual Outline


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