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Telephone Triage represents a rapidly growing practice of nursing and is a service that is being offered in an increasing number of clinical settings.  Despite its complexity and the acknowledged high risk associated with this practice, many settings continue to offer care by telephone without the benefit of formal, well developed policies to guide that practice.


This policy book provides guidance for multiple elements of Telephone Triage program design and implementation.  Derived from the author’s experience as both a clinician and a consultant, this policy book is consistent with the content of her seminars and book, The Art & Science of Telephone Triage: How to practice nursing over the phone.  Published in Microsoft Word format, the content serves as a color-coded blueprint which can be customized to meet the unique characteristics of various organizations. 


This resource guides the user through a process that facilitates development a formalized telephone triage program that supports safe care in their organization.   Updated periodically, the content remains consistent with the American Academy of Ambulatory Care Nursing (AAACN) Telehealth Nursing Practice Administration and Practice Standards and other standards of professional nursing practice.


Product is provided as a downloadable Word file.


Customizable Telephone Triage Policy / How-To Manual

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