Telephone Triage as Professional Nursing Practice: Improve Quality & Reduce Risk

Telephone Triage as Professional Nursing Practice: Improve Quality & Reduce Risk
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The practice of telephone triage and other forms of Telehealth nursing pose a significant risk to your organization, your personnel and your patients. Is your practice doing everything possible to decrease risk and assure quality in the delivery of care by telephone?

This two day seminar, taped in July, 2010provides a comprehensive approach to provision of legally sound, low risk, and clinically expert telephone triage services in your setting. Approved for 22.2 hours of CE credit for nurses*, this seminar is designed for professional nurses and others interested in learning more about telephone triage as professional nursing practice. Seminar manual included. CE Packets sold separately.

OBJECTIVES: Upon completion of this seminar, you will be able to:

  • Identify strengths and weaknesses of your own program
  • Begin development of a plan to apply telehealth nursing standards to your practice
  • Recognize telephone triage as professional nursing practice
  • Identify critical program design elements for successful triage
  • Conduct a quality patient assessment over the phone
  • Perform safe, legally defensible telephone triage in your setting
  • Provide leadership and insight to others in your clinical setting

Day 1: Fundamentals of Telephone Triage as Professional Nursing Practice

  • Misconceptions about telephone triage
  • Telephone Triage as professional nursing practice
  • Scope of practice and professional standards for telephone triage
  • Must-have organizational policies to reduce risk
  • Best practices supporting safe program design

Day 2: How to Practice Nursing Over the Telephone

  • Critical thinking and decision making in uncertain conditions
  • Recognition of life threatening emergencies over the phone
  • Systematic patient assessment; seeing the patient with your ears
  • Clinical practice pearls
  • Selection, and use of protocols
  • Documentation, interviewing and risk management in telephone triage

Target Audience:
DAY 1:
- RNs managing patients over the phone
- Administrators & key decision makers
- Leaders, physicians & others interested in the legal ramifications of Telephone Triage
DAY 2:
- RNs and others with clinical telephone triage responsibilities

This continuing nursing education activity was approved by Arkansas Nurses Association,
an accredited approver by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s COA.

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